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I'm a multi-award-winning actor. Star of indie features Dogwood (2021) and DON'T. STOP. RUNNING. (2017), the voice of Popeye and Bluto in Popeye's Island Adventures (2018), and the title role in Tap Tap Theatre's five-star, award-winning Captain Morgan series.

  With me, versatility is the name of the game. I've an elastic voice, an expressive face and a huge stage/screen presence. 





I'm a prize-winning film composer with a First Class BA in Music and an MA in Composition for Film and Television from the University of Bristol. I have experience composing for short films, documentaries, theatre productions and animations in a range of musical styles.

  My music has been featured on the BBC, Channel 5 and several overseas productions.


Check out my music on Soundcloud.

Photograph by Daniel Sutka

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