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Height: 6'00''                                                                                View my SPOTLIGHT CV

Build: Slim

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey/Blue

Playing Age: 25-35

Accents: RP*, Scottish, Cockney, Bristol, West Country, Northern, Irish, Welsh,        American, Australian, Russian, a good ear for accents/dialects

Skills: Actor-Musician, ADR, Voiceover, Comedy, Improv, Physical Theatre, Children's Theatre, Stand-Up, Workshop Leader

Music: Guitar*, Composition*, Bass Guitar, Baritone, Percussion, Musical Director

Photograph by Daniel Sutka

DOGWOOD (2021)

Martin (Joe Newton) is a casualty of society. He is under appreciated and overworked as a salary man in the city. With the mounting pressure on his shoulders, he experiences a breakdown at work, and loses his job. After visiting his childhood home to collect some possessions he finds his old poetry book, which he finds inspiring. He can't bare to go home and decides to go and live off grid in the woods. Here he attempts to survive, to try to find himself again, through nature and writing poetry.

**** UK Film Review, "Newton commits one hundred percent to every requirement of his role and his highly nuanced performance delivers time and time again."

OFFICIAL SELECTION Sunscreen Film Festival 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival 2021



I voice both Popeye and Bluto in this zany series of new adventures for young kids. Watch them all HERE


Production stills by Alistair Campbell

DON’T. STOP. RUNNING. is a British action adventure movie about two estranged brothers - thrown together for a treasure hunt - who soon find that they are the ones being hunted.  As they race across a harsh and unforgiving landscape they realise that if they want to survive they’ll have to work together.

Directed by Alexander Richardson

Starring Jerome Thompson and Joe Newton


"Superb performances from the actors, great chemistry; only two of them and they hold the screen." (**** Daisy, Amazon customer)

Photographs by Anna Bruce


Two actors. Forty-four characters. One hell of a ride. Captain Morgan and First Mate Hammond quest for the secrets of time-travel in two rip-roaring adventure comedies. 

All the monsters, sword fights and shivered timbers you would expect from a Hollywood blockbuster, delivered by two actors and one multi-instrumentalist.


WINNER: People's Choice Award, VAULT Festival 2016 (both shows)

WINNER: Broadway Baby "Bobby" Award, 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (both shows)

Top 30 Reviewed Edinburgh Festival Shows 2015 - The List (Sea of Souls)

NOMINATED: "Best Show", Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2014 (Sands of Time)



Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time

(Pleasance Ace Dome, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015)

***** Broadway Baby, "The pair are possessed of a bottomless energy and enthusiasm, never ceasing ... to delight and amuse."

***** British Theatre Guide"a raucous adventure filled with more laughs than seems possible in a mere hour."


Captain Morgan 2: The Sea of Souls

(Pleasance Ace Dome, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015)

***** Broadway Baby"Both Newton and Richards are unstoppable forces of energy onstage"

**** The Scotsman"A rip-roaring comedy epic performed by two versatile, highly physical actors"


Captain Morgan 1&2 Previews

(The Pit, VAULT Festival London 2015)

***** The New Current"Newton and Richards are masterful in how they bring to life nearly 40 or so characters"


Captain Morgan and the Sands of Time

(The Fiddler's Elbow, PBH Free Fringe, Edinburgh 2013)

***** Broadway Baby"Watching this show is like experiencing fallout from an imagination bomb."

***** Three Weeks"The performance had the audience rolling in their seats."


Below, for your viewing pleasure, is a performance of Sea of Souls recorded at the VAULT Festival in January 2016.

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